The Theory of Perception by Charlie Champion

“What are the Chances of”

The Theory of Perception


Charlie Champion



The Human animal is highly suceptable to the Powers of Persuasion

We are conditioned to respond to a glib phrase, and to strong verbal and visual presentation,.

Thus heightening the perception that someone is smarter or more worthy because they appear to

be, and not because they truly are.

A handsome face, a well trimmed body, a rich baritone voice, and a trustworthy teleprompter

can enable a person of limited experience and questionable background to rise to lofty heights.

We are truly in the age of media manipulation. .

The Internet provides the cloak of anonymity.

You can transfer funds.

Engage in character development and assassination

.Rely on creative place of reality.

We have become a Nation of superficial followers, blindly worshiping at the altar of

superficiality, eschewing concrete reality for the “hope and promise” of our “betters”.

After all, “it is much easier to follow and to party, than it is to think.”




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